This is worst, how can Chaewon, Yuri, Yena in the top rank?
How can Gaeun, Miho, and Miu vote drops so much only on final day?
It doesn’t make sense, I think this is the result of vote abuse, like people that never watching produce48 suddenly orderred to voting korean member.

like “hey man open your phone and vote korean member”
“what this is about?”
“just vote korean member, its korea vs japan idol”

just 3 japanese from 12 member and they call global idol? my ass, even twice is more “global”
obviously rigged vote
even I don’t wanna watch english sub for final episode, I’m just done

Ah I forgot, center pick result is another joke
Only Sakura who reach food truck vote, that’s mean her popularity is no joke, but Wonyoung from nowhere become center like WTF? it doesn’t make sense
I assume Wonyoung had orgy with mnet staff but she’s still 14, so finger crossed