9 Replies to “Blackpink – Jennie”

  1. Hey, master.

    I wonder How did you get this pic. Someone posted to volafile? or other site?

    I checking volafile everyday, but i don’t see this pic recently.

    And i hope you upload a pic with the word ‘LEMZ’ marked in the corner. (like this pic)


  2. 눈물 흘려서 메이크업 흘러내린거 표현한거 봐라 역시 렘즈 형님 클래스 개쩌네

  3. 역시 걸레 제니 ㅋㅋㅋ
    질질짜면서도 자지 손에서 안놓는거 봐
    정액 없이는 못사는 더러운 씹창년

  4. admin, can you ban a troller who is always wrote swear words and bother to all various people ? that guy apparently not help to this site and even got rid of visitors and its not good for everyone lncludes you and this website’s traffic

  5. just ignore and don’t feed the trollers, he just want an attention, I dont really know which one is troller but I read all new comments everyday using google translate it’s funny and not make sense, guess google translate can’t understand korean 🙁

  6. troller is the guy who is writing ‘ ㅉㅉ’ , He is obviously preventing other people from coming to your site, he swears at all visitors and you and fake writers, its too bother…

  7. I’ve just delete all his comments, 461 comments in one year, I’m not doing ip ban for now just delete comment next his ip is mark as spam so he can’t comment

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