7 Replies to “WJSN – bona”

  1. see, it’s not just me even korean confused with wjsn member, don’t know who is this but by faker file it say wjsn 😀

  2. 모 한둘만 인식장애 있더냐 ??. ㅉㅉㅉ … 나가 저 foreign의 편을 드응건 아니라두 글타 …

  3. 뭐래 병신외퀴들이 니들같은 아이돌빠순이새끼들만 아나보지

  4. 존 말헐 때 입 닦치라 … 확 꼬매쁠기 전에 …

  5. You really just need to know them better, it happens with every group, this is obviously Bona but new people would probably not recognize her right away

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